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Nb. optimizers in series is wrong

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I have been trying to set up a SolarEdge project and have run into some issues. I am using Seraphim SEG-550-BMA-TB modules, P1101 optimizers, and SE120/80k inverters. From the cutsheet, P1101 Optimizers have a maximum power input of 15300W, which if I'm using 550W modules would mean a maximum string length of 15300/550=27.8 or 27 modules. PVSyst is telling me the number of optimizers in series needs to be between 14 and 20 (see below). With two modules in series for each optimizer, that would mean string lengths of 28 to 40, which is above the maximum power input for the optimizers. This is causing all sorts of downstream issues and I was wondering why. Are these modules compatible with SolarEdge?

What I want is a design with 1608 Modules and 17 or 18 SolarEdge 40kW units. Is this possible?




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The SolarEdge architecture obeys very strict rules, established by SolarEdge. PVsyst strictly applies these rules.

These rules namely define the compatibility conditions between the optimizer and the inverter models, as well as some maximum sizing and operating limits.

For each association  Optimizer - Inverter, there are limits, namely on the number of otimizers in series and the Maximum power. For this association, the Minimum number of optimizers is specified as 14. I don't lknow why. Please ask SolarEdge people.

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