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Low system production result

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I downloaded PVsys demo version for study the system and testing. I created new project for which I have design prepared in other software (for comparision). In the PVsys "System production" is 1575 MWh/yr  while the design shows  3270 MWh/yr. Input data are almost identical, indicated on fields "Orientation", "System", "Horizon" and partialy on "Detailed losses".

Can you please check our project file, if I send it to you?



Edited by Irakli Bezhuashvili
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Dear Irakli,

PVsyst is not responsible for the actions of its users, and we do not verify whether the results are accurate. We can only investigate in the event of a bug to determine its cause.

Additionally, I should mention that the azimuth in your projects appears to be incorrect. Please be aware that an azimuth of 0 in PVsyst corresponds to the direction of the sun.



Muhammed Sarikaya

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