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Comparing various models created by different individuals


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Hello- and thanks in advance for your thoughts!


I work for a major utility, who is implementing large, medium and small scale solar.  My first engineering project involves a 7MW site that has been issued for bid amongst several local firms.  I've received their PVSyst reports and models, now I am in the process of comparing one against the other.  My process for evaluation is as follows:

For each proposal, I reviewed the PVSyst simulation report and catalog all of the variables that the modeler used for the simulation.  I then compared each vendor against the others as shown in the attached file, to help notice where vendors for example didn't include losses.  I'm learning that firms "accidentally" do not include losses to make their proposal more favorable for example.

Is there any method to export all of the selected & defined parameters in a model / variant?  I would like to export all input variables of a variant and not the energy simulation results. I would like to do this for all models to better understand differences between models, to identify is something is missed etc.  

Lastly, if my approach is flawed or there is a better technique, please advise.  I had a brief period of time for my analysis and am open to thought or suggestion!



Sample PVsyst analysis.pdf

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