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Handrail Tilt


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Is there any way to tilt a handrail shading object in the XZ axis?

For example, I have a handrail running up an inclined walkway adjacent to a PV array. When I adjust the object tilt in PVsyst it only tilts the handrail in the XY axis (as if it were tipping over) rather than the XZ axis.

This would be a very handy feature to have, as I imagine several PV installations would be on inclined rooftops with shading caused by handrails.



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Hello Mark,

one way to do it is to create the handrail as a composed object. You choose an azimuth of 90° for the handrail inside the composed object. When you now "close and integrate" the composed object, the tilt you choose for positioning it in the main scene will tilt the handrail along the good direction as shown in the screenshot.

This solution has two limitations:

1. You cannot group the handrail with the roof, so you have to figure out how to position the handrail in the main scene , so that it matches the inclination and orientation of the roof.

2. The vertical poles of the handrail will also be tilted.

If this is not too much of a limitation for you, this should do the job.

Best regards,




Tilted handrail

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