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Ongoing Development of PVsyst 8 and PVsystCLI

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Scheduled Release by the End of the First Half of 2024

We are thrilled to anticipate the upcoming release of two groundbreaking products.
Presently in the development phase, PVsyst Version 8 and PVsystCLI are set to deliver substantial enhancements to our product portfolio.

We are targeting the release of these two products by the end of the first half of 2024.
PVsyst Version 8
Some clarifications regarding the terms of use for PVsyst 8 licenses:
  • Subscriptions for version 7 will be valid for version 8 during their validity period;
  • Licenses purchased for version 8 will be valid for version 7.         

PVsyst Version 8 represents a significant advancement in the functionality of our software, emphasizing our commitment to improving the planning and implementation of solar projects.

Major updates in PVsyst Version 8 include:

Enhanced Orientation Management:
  • Unlimited orientations
  • Integration of trackers and fixed orientations in the same simulation
  • Specialized bifacial models for each orientation
  • Configurable inverter inputs
Improved 3D Scene Functionality:
  • Terrain image import from maps
  • Direct import of topography
  • 3D view with geographical coordinates
  • Advanced terrain image management
  • Enhanced 3D editor user interface
  • Orientation control tool
  • Flexible object rotation on X/Z axis
Enhanced Bifacial System:
  • Manual Adjustment of Pitch Value in Backside Irradiance Model
  • Selective Bifacial Modeling
  • Enhancements to Vertical Bifacial Modeling
Complete Overhaul of the Help:
  • Online Help Access
  • Transform to Array Guide
  • Comprehensive Redesign of Help

Additional new features are currently in development and will be available soon. We will continue to inform you of our developments as they progress.

Some clarifications regarding the terms of use for PVsystCLI licenses:
  • The subscription is independent from PVsyst 8 and does not provide access to the PVsyst 8 software interface;
  • The PVsystCLI license can be transferred once a month;
  • PVsystCLI can be installed on a server and/or used via Remote Desktop.

PVsystCLI provides a suite of features aimed at improving the efficiency and adaptability of simulations for solar projects.

The main characteristics are as follows:

  • Command Line Interface (CLI): Provides a streamlined, text-based interface for executing PVsyst simulations, allowing for automation and integration with other software tools, enhancing the workflow for advanced users.
  • Customizable Simulation Commands: Enables users to define specific simulation parameters and commands directly through the CLI, offering unparalleled customization for each project's unique requirements.
  • Efficient Meteorological Data Conversion: Facilitates the conversion of meteorological data files into formats compatible with PVsyst, streamlining the data preparation process for simulation.
  • Automated Simulation Process: Automates the execution of simulations based on user-defined commands, significantly reducing manual intervention and increasing productivity.
  • Detailed Reporting: Generates comprehensive final reports that include customizable charts and deliverables, providing in-depth insights into the simulation outcomes.
  • Comprehensive CSV File Output: Outputs extensive CSV files detailing the simulation results, enabling further analysis and data manipulation in other software applications.
  • Flexibility and Integration: Designed to work seamlessly within a broader technological ecosystem, allowing for integration with batch processes, other software tools, and automated systems.
  • High-Performance Simulations: Leverages the computational power of PVsyst for high-efficiency simulations, supporting complex projects and large datasets.

These features make PVsystCLI an invaluable tool for solar energy professionals looking to optimize their project planning and analysis processes with high precision and minimal effort.

More details : https://mailchi.mp/pvsyst.com/ongoing-development-of-pvsyst-8-pvsystcli

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