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Grid Power Limit

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Hi Team, 

I am using PVsyst version 7.4 right now and my project design is 145 MWp DC capacity, 110 MW AC capacity, and a grid limit (connection agreement) of 90 MW. I am getting more than 90 MW in many hourly instances, but even applying the the grid limit of 90 MW at the injection level (not at the inverter level), the output is reduced drastically and does not reach 90 MW even at a single instance. The highest value for the hour I am getting is just 81.50 MW. I believe this can be the case if we apply the limit at the inverter level but should not be case for the project when a limit is applied and the injection level. 

Also, I have tried switching between applying the limitation at the inverter and at the injection point and the simulation is no different despite AC ohmic and transformer losses. This also seems strange.

Thank you

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You might have undersized your inverters or have too high of losses prior to the injection point. Posting your waterfall results will help identify. 

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