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Import from PVCase

Jakob Eusch

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I have a problem with importing the 3D layout from PVCase in PVSyst. I followed the instructions but when it comes to the Import Results i can not press OK. in the Picture below you can see the problem. What can i do to solve this problem?


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Here is a workaround to click OK. Click with the mouse on "Tree_crown" (the text itself, not the checkbox) then press two times on "Tab" on your keyboard and finally press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Regarding the bug itself, I was not able to reproduce it. Are you using the latest version of PVsyst?

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Hello. I am glad that the workaround worked. The visual issue looks like a zoom issue. You can have a look at this video on how to set the zoom back to 100%. I hope it will solve the issue:


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