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Using near shadings with heterogeneous arrays.


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I created a new variant with double (heterogeneous) array orientations (-6 and -24). I then created these two arrays (as rectangular PV planes) in the global scene view with the same orientations. When I return to the Near Shading Definition screen, it shows “Warning: you defined heterogeneous fields in the Orientation parameters but not in the shading scene!”. How do I create heterogeneous fields in the shading scene?

I tried putting a single azimuth in the Orientation, which gets rid of the above message, but then the simulation just uses the single azimuth specified in the Orientation for both arrays, and ignores the second azimuth specified in the global scene.

I thought maybe the global scene would override the orientation setting (which would be really useful for simulating multiple array tilt/azimuth angles in a single PVsyst run) but this does not appear to be the case. Can anyone offer any insight on this? Thanks. I am using string inverters (SMA STP) so each array will have multiple inverters.

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