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Number of strings parallel setting itself to 0 regardless of inputs


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Hi there,

not sure whats happening but no matter how many strings im specifying pvsyst takes a few seconds to process what ive done then it sets the inverters to 1 and string in parall to 0 so i cant completer my simulation, any chance someone can help, not sure if its a bug from the recent update?


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hi mate, even when ive tried to use the adjust subarrays it just sets itself back to zero for the new arrays regardless,

ive emailed you the export of the site to have a look at 


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Your variant VC3 is indeed very strange.  I don’t know how you got this situation.


For correcting this:  open  “Strings configuration“. Execute “Reinitialize inverter list” and then “Adjust sub-arrays”.

Then you come back to the Sub-Arrays definition.  You have now at the end of the list:



Delete each sub-array with a number of strings = 0   (use the bin in the menu of this frame), beginning by the last one.

Then the situation becomes correct. You can add new subarrays if necessary (button “Copy selected subarray”).

NB: this way of defining subarrays is not quite correct in PVsyst.

As all the inverters are identical, a better way would be to define one only subarray for each concerned configuration  (i.e. Number of optimizers – Orientation).

Then choosing “Strings configuration” =>  “Reinitialize inverter list”  will reattribute a string to each Inverter input in a more comprehensive way.

You should then execute  “Adjust sub-arrays”  if PVsyst requires it before exiting this window. 

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