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Battery Sizing in Project Design Mode


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In Preliminary Design mode, I can specify some parameters (power output, loss of load, etc.) and get an estimate on the battery size that matches these parameters.

I am trying to accomplish the same goal in Project Design mode using the more specific parameters (such as time of day that I want to provide a load) that this mode allows, but I cannot find a way to do this because in order to run a simulation I need to specify my battery set. Is there a way to calculate the battery size in Project Design mode by running a simulation on the input parameters?

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In the Project's design mode, you have the same pre-sizing tool, which gives an advice about the battery sizing and the required PV array power, based on your Load definition, the desired number of autonomy days (without sun) and the accepted Loss of load.

This tool is based on very quick calculations of the system over the whole year, day-by-day (see the FAQ How to size a stand-alone system).

However, even in the reality, the battery sizing doesn't depend on the distribution of the load along the day. If you have an autonomy of more than one day, the battery will restitute the same energy whatever the distribution over 24H.

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