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Battery degradation in ageing


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I am conducting a multi-year ageing simulation. However, the options for degradation are only listed for PV modules/array. How can I include battery degradation? I have a grid-connected system with battery for self consumption.



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The battery ageing is not fully implemented in PVsyst yet.

- The lifetime is indeed taken into account by evaluating the number of cycles and their depth during operation. This gives an evaluation of the battery replacement necessity, which is mentioned in the "Aging tool" results.  

- The capacity decrease is not yet implemented. Usually, the battery is considered "to be replaced" when it has lost 20% of its capacity. Please note that such a capacity variation has a low effect on the final yield of a usual storage system.

- The increase of the internal resistance is also not taken into account, we don't have reliable information about this. It is obviously never mentioned on the datasheets. This will have an effect on the efficiency of the battery.

NB: Improving this model is on our roadmap, but it wil not be done before a rather long time.


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