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Topography Modelling


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I'm modelling a PV plant on a field which slopes towards the west. I have built the 3D shading model based on the topography of the land varying the baseline slope. It also slopes southwards so I have adjusted the shed-shed slope. This gives a "real plane orientation in the global scene" different to the defined specifications. This then edits the system orientation and complicates the rest of the model. Is there anyway for modelling it based on the "defined plane orientation" rather than the "real plane orientation" whilst incorporating the topographical effects?



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In the present time, the only way of defining properly the terrain shape is to import a full system from the Helios3D program.

When importing a system from this tool (with tilted basis sheds following the terrain), there is indeed a distribution of several "true" orientations and PVsyst works with an averaged value.

However this possibility is not yet developed for systems directly developed within PVsyst.

We will indeed think about a way of easily defining the terrain and PV tables on it for a next version, but probably not before some months.

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