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How to properly determine the losses caused by a Wind Turbine?

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Dear PVSyst users,

I am simulating a project with multiple wind turbines and I have determined an approximate value of 1.4% Energy loss caused by the wind turbine. I have rotated the Wind Turbine rotor in different orientations (N-S, E-W) but the result is similar.  I have recently read a Research made by a Duth company and they have found an approximate 6% loss caused by the WInd turbines. They have measured parts of the plant exposed to the WTG shadow and other parts free from it. 

How can we get a more accurate result? The difference from 1.4 to 6 is huge. 

I would appreciate any feedback from proffesionals dealing with this situations. Thank you!


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First of all, this fraction doesn't make much sense. This completely depends on the system area you are considering for the shading loss fraction. It is not the same if you have a turbine  on a field of 1 hectare or 10 hectares. The comparison should be done on the loosed energy itself (KWh loss).

Now there is indeed an additional loss due to the flickering on the MPP tracking. But we don't have any information about this; this highly depends on the inverter's technology and tracking dynamic performance.    







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