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i have a layout with several orientations the Orientation 1 is 15456 panels and the other orientation have no panels , if i click on the orientional i can see the panels but how do i add them to an orientation  cant see anyway to do this  image.thumb.png.c424ceecfff9f997b9d41fc6f481d374.pngimage.thumb.png.45d8fe3a7ce9053c5022fdbe0b0e947e.pngimage.thumb.png.abebf7adee1f7f6fcd46e34f018cad0f.png


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PVsyst reports a discrepency between the System window (where you have only 1 subarray with all PV modules attributed to it) and the 3D scene where you have PV tables spread accross multiple orientations. The orientations detected in the 3D scene are likely due to your PV panels following the ground (so having different base slope angles).

To fix this you can increase the "Tolerance" in the orientation management tool and click on the "Identify orientations" button. You can increase it until you get only 1 orientation left.

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