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Growatt SPF 6000ES Plus PV Installation


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Can I use the single PV mppt input in Growatt SPF 6000ES Plus which has 2 mppts because I have to install only 6pcs of 550 Watts Pv . Voc of each PV is 50.27V. I think if I use three PVs for Each mppt input, the inverter start up voltage 150V is not reached. How should I do?

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Dear Waiphyo,

You can simulate a single string in an inverter with 2 MPPT inputs. You can follow these steps:


If you don't check the box "use multi-MPPT feature," it doesn't mean that the simulation will not find the maximum power of your PV array. PVsyst will always find the maximum power. In this situation, PVsyst will only use the power for the calculation and will not take into account the number of entries on your inverter.


Muhammed Sarikaya

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