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'Quick optimization with respect to' Feature


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I would like to ask about the 'Quick optimization with respect to' feature that provides information regarding the reception of solar radiation intensity by adjusting the tilt or azimuth. For optimization based on 'Summer (Oct-Mar)' and 'Winter (Apr-Mar)' irradiation, does it apply to all locations in the world? I mean every point on earth has different summer and winter time, right? Where is the reference used by this software so that I can adjust it to my location.

Thank you and please explain.

In this case, I set the location in Indonesia. Is the summer and winter time that is used as a reference automatically adjusted to my location? Because in that location it should be Apr-Mar is summer.

Screenshot 2023-12-09 191928.png

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This optimization tool provides a coarse evaluation for the estimation of your situation when you are choosing your plane orientation.

This evaluation is depending on the period, and the season months are chosen as function of the hemisphere (sign of your latitude).

However the seasonal dependency is much lower at subtropical latitudes. It is perhap more related to the mussons.

If you need a more accurate optimization (and explicit choice of each month), you should use the dedicated tool  "Tools => Transposition factor".

NB: you are living in a strange region, where the summer is covering the whole year  (April to March).


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The transposition model is obviously applied with the exact specified orientation.

The values by 15° are simply for the table or plot presentation.   However if you want an exact calculation of the GlobInc for your Meteo data file, you should use "Databases > Meteo Tables and graphs".  Here you can choose "Tables" and the variable "Global tilted plane".  

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