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Row-to-row shading for tracking systems


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Does PVsyst model row to row shading for single-axis tracking systems that do NOT employ backtracking? I can see that row shading is there for fixed-tilt arrays and when you select backtracking, but I don't see it for tracking systems without backtracking. The user should need to enter the module/tracker width and row spacing parameters (just as with the backtracking option), but there are no fields available that I can find.

I realize that the final output with backtracking can often be similar to tracker shading, but there are some differences, plus it is confusing when the final report says "backtracking" if the array doesn't backtrack.

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Yes of course you can simulate tracking systems without backtracking.

However there is no "generic" shading calculation like the "Unlimited sheds" option.

You have to define the detailed geometry of your system in the 3D construction tool.

NB: for the backtracking, you have also to define the 3D representation: there are no mutual shadows for the beam component, but the diffuse and albedo components are affected by the shading effect.

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