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Importing projects


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A colleague recently left our company and he left all his PVsyst projects in a zip file. When I try to import them I see this, but it's like an image, I can't select any projects or scroll down the list:


I am able to click the Navigate, Import or Close buttons, but as mentioned, I can't select any of the projects. Any suggestions on how to import these projects would be most welcome.

Thanks and regards,


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Dear Ricardo Moreno,

In order to investigate the issue you reported, we would need the log files that PVsyst generated on your computer. For this, please follow the following steps:

- go to menu Files > Export Logs

- check if the Export path is convenient for you, if not choose another place to save your log file with the "Browse" button.

- click on "Export" button (your zip log file will be save where it is indicated at Export path field)

- attach your zip log file to your email and send it to us using our support address:



Best regards.

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