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Export of Sun Parameters


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Dear nick,

you can do this by selecting "Tools" in the Main Window and then "Table/graphs of solar parameters".

Choose the location for which you want to generate the data.

Go to the tab "Tables" and select "Sun's Height" from the list of variables.

Choose a Beginning Date (for example 01/01/13 12h00).

Choose as time step of 1 day and click on "Table".

You will get the table with H Sol at 12h00 for each day of the year. You can export the table to the clipboard or a file.

Note that if you want to get hourly values, the size limit for the table is one month, so if you want hourly values for the whole year you have to generate the tables for all 12 months separately.

Best regards,


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I know I, have been doing this, however the limit is much smaller than one month for the export selection. When I choose export to clipboard I only get 2 days worth of hourly data on the clipboard. Switching back and forth to PVsyst to generate the values then copy 2 days then scroll down and copy 2 more days for the entire year of data is very time consuming. Is there any way to select more than just 2 screens full of the data? When I do daily values then it comes up with 24 values then selecting export to clipboard gives me 48 values to paste out (even being able to copy and paste an entire month of hourly values would be amazing).
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Dear nick,

the export to clipboard functionality has some size restrictions that were important for some very old MS Windows versions.

To get around this limitation you can export to files instead of the clipboard.

I have just tried it for PVsyst 6.12 and it did work for the following two cases:

Beginning date 01/01/13 12h00, Time Step 1 day: produces a file with a table for the whole year with values at 12h00 for each day.

Beginning date 01/01/13 . Time Step 1 hour: Produces a file with a table for one month with values for every hour.

The interface is not very user-friendly, PVsyst is not always keeping my last choices in memory. Especially the time ranges when generating the table and when exporting(!) are jumping back to default values, so please pay a lot of attention to these fields when exporting your files. I guess this part needs some cleanup for one of the next releases.

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