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Simulation doubt


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I have 100kw solaar power plant without storage system. The inverter is directly connected to the LV panel, two generators are also thr. 

Can i do the simulation. i tried to do the same, but i cannot go without battery in the pv syst.


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As we should always keep a balance between the available energy and the demand, a stand-alone systems cannot work without a storage system. At each instant, the load will be satisfied by the PV production, and the battery if this is not sufficient. A possible genset is here especially for ensuring the needs when the battery is empty.

Now the case where a constant power is permanently available from a genset has indeed not been foreseen in this strategy. If you really don't have a battery storage, you should consider this case as a "grid connected" system with self-consumption. The excess power generated by the PV array will be considered as a grid injection, and the energy from the Genset the energy "from grid" required by your load.

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