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Error importing PVsyst standard format


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Good morning, 

I am trying to import measured data into PVsyst following the PVsyst standard format. But I am getting this error "Errors when reading the file: 31 fatal errors during import: conversion aborted. The MET file has not been created!". Can anybody tell me what is wrong and how to solve it? 

Kind regards,



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I had a look on your data (sent to Support).

Your data seem a bit strange.
They mention a 31 June, and the 31 May is missing.
I attach a corrected file, where I have suppressed the 31 June and the file may be imported.

I don’t know what happened with these data. However I suggest that you shift all date values from  01/06/22 – 31/06/22  into  31/05/22 – 30/06/22.


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