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PR ratio for customized calculations


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I have received the calculations connected with one of pv systems for whole year in excel,


I need to create customized calculations according to this data. I have a question to about

PR ratio formula, in my case I would like to calculate yield from this plant like this:

GlobEff*P*PR ratio, is it ok? My concern is if im not doubling PR ratio.

My next question about PR ratio is if this index takes into account also system loss?


By system loss i mean second part of the graph (beginning with 68039 MWh)

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This is not quite exact.

The PR is referred to the Incident global GlobInc  (result of the transposition), not the GlobEff. 

NB: This PR is calculated by PVsyst. You should obtain the same result.

The PR indicator takes into account all the losses mentioned on the loss diagram, between "Global incident in Collector plane" and "Energy injecter into the grid".

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