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PVSyst Freeze when opening Shading Scene Construction Perspective

Nina Lindholm

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I am having issues with running any simulations in my PVSyst at current. 
I have a utility scale Solar System (~50MWp). The project has worked many times before, but as I was creating a new variant I hit a freeze. It is a "Fixed Tilted Plane" system with a .PVC 3D shading scene imported. I want to update the Near Shadings definition with a new imported 3D scene, but when I hit the "Construction/Perspective" button the whole PVSyst freezes and I cannot do anything. I therefore have to go to "Task Manager" and force PVSyst to quit. See "Gray/Frozen" state of PVsyst in screenshot.

I am on PVSyst 7.3 and have tried turning on and off my computer. Restarting PVSyst and opening other projects, so it seems the problem is more systematic than just my one project.

How can I fix this and run simulations with imported 3D scenes again?

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Dear Nina Lindholm,

Thanks for your error report.


Please email to our support address (support@pvsyst.com):


1) your PVsyst LOG files (using menu <File> <Export logs>) and

2) your PVsyst project files (using menu <File> <Export project>)


so we can try to reproduce the issue you reported.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Best regards.
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