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Modeling fixed var in PVsyst


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I was reviewing Slide 115 of the presentation linked in Ref. [1]. I'm wondering which of the following four (4) operational modes listed on that slide (pasted below for convenience) can be modeled in PVsyst? Thanks.

A couple other general, related Qs:

1. Is it possible to model fixed var operation (mode) in PVsyst?
2. Is it possible to model fixed var operation (mode) in PVsyst for BESS-coupled PV systems? (i.e., when modeling both the BESS and PV system in PVsyst)

BESS = Battery energy storage system

[1] https://www.nerc.com/comm/PC/IRPTF Workshops/IRPTF_Workshop_Presentations.pdf

Excerpt from Slide 115 of Ref. [1]:

1. Constant power factor or VArset-point
Configure inverter with fixed Varoutput.

2. Controlled power factor or VArvia comm’s)
Send Varsetpointcommands to inverter via Modbus/TCP

3. Autonomous VArcontrol (depending on V)
VoltVArcontrol based on curve

4. Autonomous power factor control depending on real power output
VArsas a function of Watts

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In PVsyst, the only way of creating Reactive power is to set a constant specified Power factor.

This cannot depend on the grid voltage, or grid frequency, as these values are not an input variable of the simulation. The grid voltage is supposed nominal, without variations.

The power factor may be specified also with grid storage systems.


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