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Dear PVsyst Team,

need to ask you this because the explanation in V6.12 does not give me an answer: Annuities are calculated although there is NO loan (i.e. interest 0%). Where does that number come from?

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This comes from nowhere: you can put its value to 0 if you want. The value given here is just a default for a usual value.

This represents the cost of the capital in general.

Even if you don't perform a loan, you perhaps would like that your inversted capital yields some annual profit.

This is equivalent to an interest which would have been obtained if you had invested your capital on the market: perhaps you want to recover this and it should be included in the final price of the energy.

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Dear Andre,

thanks for the reply. I think it is better to let the user decide if they want to add anything or not. In my case it lists over Euro 1 million each year under the column "loan". There is no loan. If you go down that road you also need to look a depreciation etc. Not your cup of tea. Let the user decide. If I put in "0" for the loan and "0" for the interest then it needs to show "0" in the field. And NOT another 0.06 Euro/Wp!!! There is a field where you can type in operational cost. Add the same field for interest or whatever. Very irritating. I find that amount as "annuities" and have no clue where it came from...

"Ann. factor 5% cap./yr" hard coded, is it not?

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