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How to change system kind from Tables on a building to Sheds on ground ?


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Hi everyone,

i used PVsyst recently and it's my first post on the forums - hoping I can get some help here ?

I do simulations of PV system about 30 MW ,I consider Ground Mount PV Arrays as a Sheds but after simulation i get system kind as "Tables on a building " how could i change it to to be on ground

Best regards,


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This description is generated by PVsyst depending on the layout of your 3D scene, mostly based on the kind and the altitude of your PV panels.

Check your 3D scene to make sure that they are all properly placed. In case you have a doubt you can send us your project at support@pvsyst.com and we will have a look to why there is this description.

If you want to change it manually you can also go to the "Report options", in the "Final report option" tab and modify the text in the "System kind" section.

I hope this helps.

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