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PVsyst Software Compatibility for Performance Analysis of a proposed novel glass cover of PV module  


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I hope this message finds you well. I am a Ph.D. student in Renewable Energy Engineering, currently working on a project titled "Synthesis, Characterization, and Simulation of PV Glass Cover from Rice Husk Silica and Egg Shell Calcium Oxide Incorporated with Barium Oxide Nanoparticles." I am writing to inquire about the compatibility of PVsyst software for the performance analysis of our novel PV glass cover.

In our research project, we aim to develop a novel solar PV glass cover that incorporates Rice Husk Silica, Egg Shell Calcium Oxide, and Barium Oxide Nanoparticles as additives to enhance energy transmittance in PV modules. The primary objective is to increase the module efficiency by improving light transmittance characteristics.

As part of our research, we need a robust software tool to conduct performance simulations and analyze the impact of our innovative glass cover on PV module efficiency. Specifically, we are interested in:

1. Conducting detailed optical simulations to assess the light transmittance properties of our novel glass cover.

2. Analyzing the effect of enhanced energy transmittance on the overall module efficiency.

Could you please confirm if PVsyst software supports these types of analyses? Additionally, if there are any specific modules or features within PVsyst that are well-suited for this purpose, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

Our research values transparency and relies on data-driven decisions. Therefore, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our performance simulations is of utmost importance.

I look forward to your response and any insights you can provide regarding the capabilities of PVsyst in relation to our project. Your expertise in this area will be invaluable to our research efforts.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Shaibatu Ibrahim Hassan

Ph.D. Student in Renewable Energy Engineering



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PVsyst is a software for the simulation of PV systems, based on PV modules characteristics.

The main parameters used for the establishment of the PV module model are the STC electrical values, i.e. mainly reflecting the efficiency of the module .

This efficiency is obviously dependent on the coverage (glass) covering. But this is not dissociated from the efficiency of the PV cell itself. In other words, the glass transparency properties are included in the STC specification. There is no specific study of the glass transmission in PVsyst.

Now the simulations are dependent on the incidence angle of the sun's rays. For this we define an efficiency curve, defined with respect to the efficiency at normal incidence.   This curve may be measured, but this is a difficult measurement. We strongly trust that this behaviour follows the optical laws of Fresnel. 

See our FAQ https://forum.pvsyst.com/topic/1190-how-to-determine-the-iam-profile/?do=getNewComment




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