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Selecting a different voltage level for grid injection / battery connection / self-consumption


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I have an industrial facility with a Medium Voltage connection to the grid, so I want to include a LV/MV transformer and interconnection losses. If I have too much solar resource available, I will have those losses on any energy injected back into the grid. Even more significantly, I have a low grid capacity (much lower than my solar plant size) so I  may have relevant losses. My connection point is ~1 MW whilst my solar plant is 4 MWac / 5 MWdc

The reason for that is that I am designing a self-consumption plant with both storage and grid back-up. My self-consumption profile is defined in the LV level. Thus, I would not want to have those losses in the energy under direct use. And, significantly, the storage system will also be connected on my LV side before any transformer losses and any interconnection limit. So in a normal scenario I will have 4 MWac generation at LV level, from which ~1 MW is consumed (same voltage leve so no additional losses) and ~ 2.9 MW is stored (AC/DC losses in the battery inverter apply but no transformer losses). Injection into the grid will only be relevant:

a) when my battery is already full

b) when my consumption pattern is below its average.

So, if I include grid limitations PVsys greatly understimates production (I get 8% clipping losses that are not likely). If not, I'm missing the actual clippling

I can do it manually exporting AC values from the advance simulation option. However, is there any way to do it natively within PVsyst? This a scenario that I see increasingly relevant for behind-the-meter scenarios.

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