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Error in Module layout

Michalis Angeli

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Dear Michalis Angeli,

The « Module Layout » calculation is based on the internal geometric arrangement of the sub-modules.

See the help  “Physical models used > PV Module - Standard one-diode-model > PVModule Structure > Submodules”.

This submodules partition is defined in the PV module definition, page “Sizes and technologies”.

Now only the options “In length”, “In width” and “Twin Half cells” or Twin Third cells” have been implemented in PVsyst. 

More and more PV modules have other exotic configurations. You cannot use this option with other layouts.

This error message was added rather recently (some few months ago), for avoiding erroneous calculations.   It is possible that your previous simulation has been done before this protection.

In your old calculation, the electrical shadings calculation may be not quite accurate.

The only way for avoiding this problem is to cheat, by redefining your PV module with an allowed submodule layout.

However in this case, the electrical shading calculation accuracy cannot be guaranteed with respect to the reality.

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