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Shading factor table results

Edd V. Asce

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I hope you can help me. I have updated the PVsyst to the versión 6.11. When I define a near shading scene and the programm computate the shading factor table all values obtained during the simulation are "0". I have tried whith different configurations and always it has the same result. Attached are two screen shots that showing the shading factor tables using tracker and fixed tlted plane.

I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what, please help me.

Thanks in advance.



Shading factor table using tracker



Shading factor table using fixed tilted plane

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For the first table (null anywhere), you have defined a tracking system with backtracking strategy.

By definition, this mode avoids any mutual shadings, so that the shading factor (on the beam component) is always zero.

In this table the orientation of the trackers is adjusted for each position of the sun.

However the shading effects on the diffuse will not be 0 (see our FAQ How is calculated the shading loss on diffuse with tracking ?

The second table seems to be quite correct, corresponding to an obstacle at south of your system.

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