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The optimum pitch value


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The pitch of the trackers has no optimum point in terms of energy yield. The shading losses will always decrease as you increase the pitch.

Therefore the optimal pitch is the result of a financial optimization, that takes into account the decreasing gain with the associated system and land costs that increase if you move to larger spacing.

You can use the 'economic evaluation' in PVsyst to set up a financial model that includes al the expenses and costs. Then you can use the 'batch mode' or the 'optimization tool' to find minimal values for LCOE (levelized cost of electricity) or maximal values for NPV (net present value) or ROI (return on investment).

These tools are describred in the corresponding help pages of PVsyst.

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i am using manual calculation to get the PR value and when i compare it with the software it was not matching so i just need you kind explanation about how the PR is calculated in the software to find the difference reasons. or you could please clarify why there is a difference between the below methods cases:

1. Irradinace is 2229 KWh/m2 

2. Appling the losses over the irradiance ( 2229* (100%+22.6%)*(100%-0.4%)*(100%-2.02%)*(100%-0.14)*(100%-0.7%)*(100%+0.52%)*(100%+10.72%)=2534.68KWh/m2)

3. looking to the software here in the below attachment it is coming =  2659 kWh/m².


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