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How to configurate strings of 40 modules RISEN RSM110-8-550BMDG @ 20°C

Edwin Tellez

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Hi Everybody

I have a trouble... A customer that says that through its own simulation software (does not provide information) it can configure strings of 40 modules RISEN brand modules RSM110-8-550BMDG, but in PVSyst it does not allow this, but rather a maximum of 38 modules in series with a minimum temperature of 20°C. The client also says that they consider a minimum temperature during peak production hours of 20°C. Is it possible to configure strings of 40 modules in PVSyst through RISEN brand modules model RSM110-8-550BMDG?

The installation location is at the following coordinates: #Latitude: 10.615 / #Longitude: -74.81

I greatly appreciate your support.

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