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Tracking zone with Imported topography

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Hej, I am currently working on  a project where i imported a topography scene from google earth ( which is a rounded terrain) and I am currently trying to use zone editing tool to fill zone with PV panels. Can i fill the zone , where all the PV panels have orientation along the Topography Orientation (I dont want the panels to be in one direction) since i have a rounded Terrain and i want to put panels all around with different orientations . Also sometimes the panels come under the Topography and then i use the automatic attitude, but there is still some panels under the topography. I will attach an example Picture for what I am currently working on. 

Note : I tried to check similar problems and solutions shared by others but couldn´t find a solution for mine (I dont know if this feature is found in this current version ).


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Hi Mohammed,

To achieve what you want you will need to create multiple zones on the rounded terrain. Using only one zone will not allow you to have multiple orientations without moving the tables after filling the zone.

Regarding the automatic altitude, PV tables can sometimes penetrate the ground on complex topography. When filling the zone you can increase the "Distance from ground" to avoid this issue.



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