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Multiple variations results printout


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I would suggest to add a functionnality that would help compare different variations. It may for example tile up 4 variations per page, and listing for every variation important results such as total system production, specific production, installed power, nbre of inverters, tilt angle, ... together with view from the 3d shading scene for each variation.

This kind of printout would really help comparing different possible layputs for a project.


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Thank you for the suggestion.

This is indeed on our ToDo list since a long time. But not at the top, sorry ...

In the present time you can

- export (copy/paste) the Tables of monthly values in EXCEL, with your chosen output values, and compare them in EXCEL.

- use the "Batch Mode", which allows to perform several simulations with different parameters in one operation, and directly compare the results in EXCEL.

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