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Good morning, 

we have the same problem. Although we were able to create a usable DEA file with Sketchup, it unfortunately produces an error message that PV modules must be at least 2-3 cm apart. 

When importing, the objects representing modules are doubled, the planes are less than 2 cm apart. What do I have to change so that the objects are not duplicated or the layers are further apart?

best regards


PV Syst double Object.png

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PVsyst reads the DAE file and import the content of it. You should check the scene in your source software, adjust it (add space between the tables if needed) and regenerate the DAE file to import it again in PVsyst.

If you cannot (or don't want to) add more space in your source software or modify the scene in PVsyst, you can modify the following advanced parameter in "Settings > Advanced parameters":



If you still encounter issues, you can deactivate those checks from the shadings scene in the menu "Tools" :


Please make sure to carrefully read the warning displayed when disabling the check as disbaling it can give incorrect shadings calculation.


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