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Yearly Meteo Data for Aging Simulation


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I need to do an aging simulation using 23 years of meteo data. I have 23 years of hourly data for the location of my site imported to PVSyst but the option to use yearly meteo data is greyed out in the options. What am I missing here? 

Screenshot 2023-08-30 081813.jpg

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Please make sure that the location for which the 23 meteo files are valid, is close enough to the site of the project. If that is not the case, the files will not show up in this tool.

You can check this already in the project dashboard. If the meteo files can be selected from the dropdown list, they will also be visible in the 'Aging tool'.

By default PVsyst will discard meteo files for locations that are further away than 10 km. You can change this threshold in the 'Advanced parameters'.


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