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Sub-arrays in floating photovoltaic (FPV) system

Alo Rahom

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The concept of sub-array in PVsyst is linked to the string configurations on the MPPT inputs of the inverters. If the inputs differ in string length, PV module type, PV module orientation or number of strings per MPPT input, then you should put these configurations in separate sub-arrays and use 'multi-MPPT feature' together with 'Power sharing'. The 'Power sharing' tool will allow you to tell PVsyst which sub-arrays belong to the same inverter.

You can also use different sub-arrays to just group your inverters or MPPT inputs into logical units. However be aware that if you have a large number of MPPT inputs and are using the 'multi-MPPT feature', that this might slow down the simulation.

If in your floating PV system the strings have all the same length and are all connected to the same inverter, you can keep them in a single sub-array even if physically they are in different floating islands.


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