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Toggle Buttons for "By-pass protection diodes: Sub-module partition" Are Not Enabled in .PAN Files


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Operating PVsyst V6.12

It is also unclear what the categories "Mixed", "In length", and "In width" actually mean. It would be helpful if a brief description of the terms was added to the Help menu.

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Sorry, this has not been completely managed in the PV module definition yet.

These values should be used as default inputs for the Module Layout part.

The submodule partition indicates how the submodules (sets of cells protected by one by pass diode) will be arranged.

For example with a 72 (6 x 12) cells module:

- "In length" means that the submodule is divided into 3 longitudinal bands of 2x12 cells,

- "In width" means that the submodule is divided into 3 transverse parts of 6x4 cells,

- "Mixed" would mean a crossed arrangement (for more diodes or cells). I will probably suppress this unprobable possibility.

I will put a little drawing according to the user's choice.

For a future version ...

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