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Good morning

I have to sizing a stand alone system with a capacity of 21775Wh (4355Wh/day) for 5 day of autonomie. I choice 24 *2v HOPPECKE with 801Ah. When i opened battery folder I saw that PVsyst defined automaticely current with hours of discharge (from C10value) and also a specific model which decrease or increase this values to get as close as possible to the real model. Can we confirm myself that software really take appropriate C value with a correct time discharge value ? (corresponding to my system?) Because intuitively i will choose  the maximum value (C100) of HOPPECKE datasheet but i'm not sure.... 

Secondly for an other project i have to create a battery that dont exist in the data base.  I suppose that if i enter the C10 value and specify the type of technologie the software will calculate automaticli others C values(linear) and applied OPZs technologie coefficient ? 

Thanks to your answer 




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For the battery database : we use to include the batteries by ourselves.
However as our Battery model is rather sophisticated, we need as detailed as possible datasheets of the basic cell used in the products.
The specification of the basic cell should include: 
-             The manufacturer and model name,
-             The chemistry, sizes, weight, etc
-             The operating limits (min/max voltage, charging/discharging currents, temperatures, etc)
-             Charge/discharge curves at different rates and different temperatures
-             The number of cycles and other infos about the lifetime


The for each block model, we need :
-             The model name,
-             The basic cell model used
-             The number of basic cells in series and in parallel.
-             Sizes and weight
You may also define assemblies of blocks  (racks, etc…) by
-             The number of blocks in series and in parallel
-             Sizes and weight


If  AC input/output devices (charger and inverter) are fully integrated with the products, these cannot be included in PVsyst as such in the present time. PVsyst treats these IN/OUT devices in a generic way, and we need the DC operating conditions of the battery pack itself.


Muhammed Sarikaya


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