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Several orientations due to uneven ground


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My initial problem is to locate the tables assigned to each one of the 8 differents orientations used for the simulation. I could then decide not to use some of the tables, in order to simplify the material selection, (supports and inverter), get a simplier strings arrangement and simplify also the site works.

By exporting the data of a shade scene, I need some explanations.

PVSYST announces 8 different orientations when the export file assigns to all tables the same orientation number : -1

How could I locate the tables concerned by each of the 8 different orientations used for the simulation ?

What is the exact meaning of Dinclin, Dazimut and BaseSlope ?

I requested to orientate the tables 20° towards West. Dazimut is randomly either 20 or -160 ? How should I interpret this info ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Export Scene ombrage Plateau entier 20 Ouest.pdf

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May I add up one question ?

I set the tables parallel to the curves of same altitude, thanks to a field azimuth of -70°. The ground slope, perpendicularly to these curves is about 10°.

In the Fields properties, I set the tilt to 15°, which is the tilt provided by the posts holding the modules and 0 for the azimuth and 0 for shed base tilt.

I select Automatic tilt.

I am surprised by the results :

- on the XY view, the tables seem all to be aligned according to the reqired azimuth of 70° ; but in the table of characteristics of all tables of the field, the table azimuthes rank from -70° to -112° !

- I was expecting a table tilt around 10+15=25° which is not the case. Visually, 15° are observed with difficulty but the table of characteristics shows figures ranking from 2.5° to 6.7°.

Beyond the interpretation of the above mentioned figures, how to design a field with supports tilting the modules by 15°, measured from the ground, supports set on a ground having a 10° slope, providing an overall module tilt of 25° ?

Thanks in advance.

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In PVsyst shading menu, under tools, there is an option called "orientations management". In there you can see more details on which tables are assigned to which orientations. If you wish to change the number of orientations from 8 down to 1, you can also do that inside that menu. 

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Thank you for your patience with me and for your guidance.

If I understood properly, the Automatic inclination provides modules set parallely to the ground, according to the requested azimuth and the requested distance to the ground, no matter the tilt requested for the tables.

In case of non automatic setup of tables tilt, the tilt requested is complied with, no matter the ground slope : the supports might differ from one table to the other, in order to compensate for the uneven natural ground. In fact, this is to be used after earthworks provinding an even ground.

So, in order to get modules tilted with a fixed tilt on an uneven ground, PVSYST might help in two main steps :

- first select Automatic tilt of tables, fill the zone and retrieve from tools orientation management, the tables characteristics;

- second, deselect Automatic tilt, then modify manually, one by one, the tilt of the tables by adding the tilt provided by the tables supports, close the orientation management tools, recalculate the shading factors table and run the simulation.

Thanks in advance to confirm my understanding.

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