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Simulation of different PV system sizes

Caroline F.

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Hello dear forum, 

I would need the hourly yield simulation of different PV system sizes for a case study. So for example hourly yields of a 1 MWp, 5MWp, 7MWp etc. until 30 MWp (same location, same components).
I would like to avoid having to start a new simulation for each a new plant size.
Do you have an idea how it is possible to calculate the yields with a simplified function (f.ex. in excel)? E.g. simulation of a 1MWp plant, simulation of a 2MWp plant --> average of the deviations of the hourly yields and thus build a function, how the yields change per MWp.

I appreciate any help!

Kind regards 

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Use batch simulation. You can define simple parameters like GCR, number of strings, etc. You may want to consider a simple variant (unlimited sheds, etc) to get faster run time or ability to change pitch if you are interested in that. 

Batch simulation is where you create one variant, define in a csv file the simulation parameters for each simulation, 1 per row. PVsyst will step through each one and simulate one at a time and output the 8760 data for the variables you have selected. 

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