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.PRJ change

Andreza Maranhão

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When I create new variants in the project does the .PRJ 


I will put on example: 

I create three variants:

VC1: Created a month ago

VC2: Created a month ago

VC3: Created today


Why when I do the simulation again of VC1 anda VC2 today do the generations value change?





The same VARIANTS but differents generation results. Why? The .PRJ files influences the results? How do I know which result is correct?

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Dear Andreza Maranhão,


You should get the same results.


Please email us at support@pvsyst.com:


1.            Your PVsyst LOG files (menu <File> <Export logs>)

2.            Your project files (menu <File> <Export projects>)


so we can analyze and try to reproduce the error you reported.

Best regards.

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