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How to export ground levels from autocad to pvsyst

Alberto Cerrone

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Dear Alberto Cerrone,

You can export your autocad project in DXF format and then use a tool to convert it into a DAE file. This DAE file can then be imported easily into PVsyst and you will be able to differentiate between the PV tables and the ground object.

I hope this helps.



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The best way for Autocad is assuming that you have contour lines,

  • Remove/freeze everything from the drawing but the topography (contour lines)
  • Explode down to minimal size (each polyline will breakdown to have a segment of three points)
  • Run dataextraction command, select "line", and select the data for "Start X, Start Y, Start Z", export to csv
  • If your drawing is in feet, convert to meters for PVsyst, save into .CSV value with one header row, X, Y, Z
  • Import into PVsyst. You may need to take a screenshot of the autocad drawing with terrain and with modules and import also into PVsyst so that you can then line everything up in the shade scene. 
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