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Inverter with mixed orientations


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I am trying to use PVsyst to model the effect of having a system split between east and west on a single MPPT as opposed to using two MPPTs.

On PVsyst I have selected 'double orientation (heterogeneous)' in the orientation section and in the system section I have ticked 'Inverter with mixed orientations'. This then gives me 3 sub-fields; Sub-fields #1 & #2 and mixed sub-field. I only want to use one inverter and the mixed sub-field section but I cannot find a way to not show sub-fields #1 & #2.

I am using version 6.

Any help would be appreciated.

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The possibility of defining "heterogeneous fields" (multi-orientations), also with inverters mixed between orientation #1 and #2, is available in PVsyst since the beginning of the version 4.

However in the versioon 6.13, you can define up to 8 orientations (and a "mixed" inverter between orientations #1 and #2), without the previous limitations about the mutual orientation difference limit.

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