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Overlaoding effect on Earray Energy


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For a given fixed DC capacity I observed the Earray energy varying with  Pnom ratio. I am wondering how the Earray is getting effected due to different Inverter ratio for fixed DC array capacity. 


DC capacity (MWp) AC capacity (MW) Total Earray 
200 166.5 496343.33
200 153.75 473598.34
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On 7/28/2023 at 9:22 PM, dtarin said:
Hi dtarin,
Thank you for your valauble response.Can you help me to better understand here 
 Earray is the effective DC energy from array (Actual DC energy) then how it is realted to IL Pmax ,which the excess of AC energy (Clipped power).Does the inverter is forcing array to operate at different voltage and current during clipping condition.

Also I am not able to find the synonym for EGridLm parameter.



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