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Heterogenous Field, Output Energy and Total Area


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Dear Aandre,

I am running some simulations with heterogenous orientation. I read that the shading loses are not added but the array characteristics are electrically combined, in order to provide the real maximum power point. So, that means that the Array nominal energy and the fianal output energy are the sum of both heterogenous fields? So these numbers are for the total field?

I am confused because according to my Power for my PV field ( in the System Option )the area is only half of what the PVsyst wants me to design in the Linear Shading Construction option.

Thank you very much.

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When you define heterogonous fields, you may define a sub-array in one orientation, a sub-array in the second orientation, and a sub-array "Mixed" in which some strings are in the 1st orientation and other ones in the 2nd orientation.

Only the "mixed" sub-array implies a combination of the I/V characteristics observed in both orientations, and the result is according to the total nominal power if the "mixed" sub-array.

Now the shading calculations have nothing to do with this. The shading factor is calculated once for the whole system, and applied identically to irradiances in both orientations.

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