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Individual String's Max Current and Open Circuit Voltage - 8760 Output Variable - Bifacial Single Axis Tracker


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Hello All,

In the 8760 output file, I am trying to get the a single string's max current and Voc.

When looking at the 8760 output variables, the closest I see are; IArray (Array Current) and UArray (Array Voltage), but the values I am seeing are very high and seems like PVsyst is combining all strings to a combined current and voltage? 

I have a 32MW DC / 24MW AC system using bifacial modules, defined the system in 12 parallel blocks, where each block is identical with 8 inverters, and each inverter has 18 strings with 28 modules (see attached PVsyst's SLD snip).

Can someone comment to see if this is what is happening and how I can get just a single string's max current and open circuit voltage?


As a point of context, I am trying to determine the maximum string current (based on the highest 3-hour current average resulting from the simulated local irradiance) as well as, string open circuit voltage (Voc).  This is to exercise 690.8(A)(1)(2) in 2017 NEC or later that allows calculating the max current opposed to the typical module Isc x 1.25


Thanks for the help in advance, much appreciated




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