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Export of PAN files


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I have a question concerning the data of the PV moduels data sheets. 

Is it possible to export the data in PAN file format, not in the table form to copy and paste it into an excel sheet. The module Data is only saved in my PVsyst local data when I make changes at a module or create an own component, but I would like to export the whole datasheets of the different PV Modules?

Apart from that, do you know if there are any other sources for PAN files for solar modules?


I hope someone can help me with that ? 


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In your workspace   \PVsyst7.0_Data\Templates\,  you have an EXCEL document  "Components.XLS".

If not, you should use "Reload templates" in te Workspace dialog.

Now in the PV module dialog you have a button "Copy to table". This will fill the clipboard for pasting the PAN file values in this document. 

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