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Self Shading from other rows


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Can PVsyst model self shading of a row by other rows in an array? For example, in a 10 * 10 array of panels, rows 2-10 will be shaded in winter. How can I get PVsyst to tell me how they will be shaded by the rows in front of them, and what the losses will be?

Can I then make PVsst optimise the spacing to minimise these self shading effects?



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Yes of course the row-to-row is calculated in PVsyst.

There are two ways:

- a direct analytic calculation, in the "orientation" choice, option "Unlimited sheds".

This is valid under the hypothesis that your rows are "infinite" in length, that is we can neglect the edge effects.

- the elaboration of your system in the 3D near shadings tool.

For not too big systems this will allow to use the "Module layout" option for an "explicit" electrical loss effect.

For the optimization: see What is the sheds shading optimum?.

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