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More modules in one of the strings


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Hi, I need to have more modules in one of the strings, how to do it? I am able to change only the number of strings and the number of modules in a string, but this number is the same for all strings. I need to have 2727 modules at 96 strings and 1,49985MW power.

I will be very grateful for your help.


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2727/96 = 28.4 mod in series. Your design specs are off. What is the correct minimum site temperature? You're carrying the PVsyst default of -10degC.

Separately, it is a difference of one module, or .036%, not very significant. Depending on the site temperature and the correct string size for this location based on the module selected, you may exceed the maximum input voltage of the inverter by increasing the string size, but to the previous point, the impact is not very significant in that regard either. 



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Dear JGaw,

When you design one array, the total number of modules must be equal to the number of modules in series multiplied by the number of strings. 

In your case, you can choose the box "multi-mppt feature" and define different sub-arrays.

It takes time to find the good configuration, but you have to try by adding subarays and multi-mppt.

Here it's a link of the help where you can find more information about multi-mppt feature: https://www.pvsyst.com/help/index.html?multi-mppt_more-examples.htm


Muhammed Sarikaya

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